The $225 Dumpster Rental

Proudly Serving Cobb County, GA

Renting a dumpster is really expensive. We came up with a better way-to save you money.

How expensive are dumpsters? Dumpsters typically range from $285 for 10 yard dumpsters to $400 range for 30 yard dumpsters, and they sit in your driveway for up to two weeks! By offering our dumpsters for 24 hours at a cost of $225, we save you $100 over our competition's 15 yard dumpster, and save you from the embarrassment of having that ugly dumpster blocking your driveway for 10 days.

We will drop it off at your house, you fill it up, and we take it away 22-26 hours later.  

--We accept cash or check at drop off.

--We can only park it in your driveway.

--We do not allow inert materials (bricks, concrete, dirt, sand, an abundance of tile).

--As far as extra cost items, we have you covered. Mattresses, paint, refrigerators, and propane tanks cost $5 each, tires $10, but we will accept $25 worth of those items at no extra cost to you (i.e. 5 mattresses).

--We are only servicing Cobb County currently.

Call David now to schedule a time that works for you!